Angel "Angie" Arvenanto

Angie Arvenanto

AKA Angie
• Characteristics•
Race Werewolf
Gender ♂ Male
Age 17
Hair While
Eyes Silver/Grey
• Professional information•
Affiliation Telomere (Currently)
Mina Tepes (formerly)
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• Personal information•
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Family Lord Scott Arvenanto (grandfather)
Friends Akira Kaburagi Regendorf (partner, friend)
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• First appearance•
Anime None
Manga Chapter 34
• Voice actors•
Japanese None
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Angel "Angie" Arvenanto is a Leading Private from Beowolf's Sentorial Bureau of Investigation, transferred to the bund to be one of Mina's new bodyguards. Angie is a sweet, courteous, and extremely effeminate 17-year old young man.


Angie has white hair, tan skin, and silver/grey eyes. He keeps his hair long with blunt bangs, usually in a ponytail. Along with his feminie features and phisique, he is mistaken for a female until given a male school uniform by Akira.

In volume 12, his appearance drastically changes, taking on a more masculine appearance. His hair is now short, with a band going across his shorter, more wispy bangs. He also wears a collar around his neck allowing him to speak.


He is attached to Akira, going a far as to taunt Mina and Yuki with his antics, such as admitting to bathing together or sleeping naked together with Akira.This behavior is later explained that when young werewolfs go through their 'rite-of-passage', they are always paired up, The extreme nature of the rite creates a strong psychological bond between the pair. Angie and Akira were paired together during their rite. However, it is hinted that Angie's feelings for Akira may be stronger than just friendship.

He is also good at reading people, and was able to get Ryhoei back as friends with Akira. Though Angie appears to be a sweet person he has also shown himself to be ruthless going so far as to kill all the guards assigned to him while he was under house arrest.


Plot OverviewEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Angie is a werewolf of the Earth Clan, the same as Akira.
  • After being bit by Yuuhei, Angie lost the ability to speak. His current appearance, one more masculine, he was given a collar that ables him to speak.