Hysterica (ヒステリカ Hisuterika?), real name Francesca, was a friend of Vera's nearly 100 years ago. Vera herself, who was known as Veratos at the time, had turned her into a vampire.

She turned Hysterica into a vampire when her family was killed by the Spanish Flu and that she was on the very brink of death because of it. She now works for the "Third Kind", a group that wishes for the death of Mina, and was also controlling Nanami. Hysterica lead suicidal Vampires by implanting a liquid container in them, and when a phone signal was sent it would mix with their blood, causing a violent chemical reaction turning them into Vampire Bombs, one of them being Hikosaka. However, after seeing Mina's other form, got herself distracted by trying to contact her master in telling him what she just saw, therefore not realizing that Nanami was reprogrammed and was attacked by her. Vera was the one who finished Hysterica off by throwing a container of the chemical at the open wound, burning her alive. Hysterica had a habit of referring to her slaves as "Pigs." In the anime, she worked for Telomere, but still tried to contact the three clans before with news of Mina's true form.

Appearance Edit

Hysterica has long, slicked back maroon hair, with gold yellow eyes and matching earrings. Her eyebrows are shaped, and she has red lips.