Katie Maurice is an antagonist in the hit manga/anime series Dance in the Vampire Bund. She was originally called Mina Tepes, or the fake princess, but was named Katie Maurice, by Yuki Saegusa, which derives from a character in the literature Anne of Green Gables.

Appearance Edit

In terms of appearance, Katie looks exactly like Mina's child form when in a prebuscent stage. She has crimson eyes, fangs, and blond hair. Her hair is usually tied up in twin tails with three, black tailed, identical ribbons used as the bands/hair ties to hold them up; however, after it was discovered that she was an impostor, she later changed this hair style.

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Katie is a foil to Mina. Mina acts cruel and tough as a ruler, having a kinder and more vulnerable side; Katie flaunts her power to command and stirs up chaos for her own amusement. She is knowledgeable about the true history of the Tepes blood line, and is seeking a way to stay alive. Katie is jealous of Mina's closeness to Akira and Yuki.

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Trivia Edit

  • She turns human as well, thanks to having a shard of the first vampire baby.
    • It will allow her to stay stable and live a human life so long as its close to her.
  • She made a deal with Yuki to help wake Reiko's grandfather to learn where the Red Jewel was being kept. In exchange, Yuki was to go with Katie; the reason why seems to be out jealous towards her friendship with Mina.

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