Li (李 Ri?)Voiced by: Tora Take (Japanese), NIJ (English) Lord Li appears dressed in a Manchu changshan. The area around his mouth is hideously deformed, revealing sharp, pointed teeth which he usually keeps concealed behind an ornate fan. As such, he rarely speaks, preferring to observe the conversation and only contributes when need be. During the wager for possession of Mina's hand, the assassin sent by Li after Akira's life was, in fact, two people: a pair of identical twin vampire brothers who shared a powerful psychic bond, such that any injury inflicted on one would also appear on the other, allowing them to masquerade as one person in order to confuse and mislead their target. For this reason, they are referred to as the "Corsican brothers", after the Alexander Dumas novel of the same name, whose characters shared a similar ability.

Corsican Brothers

In the manga, Li makes no large scale moves like Ronzaemon and Ivanovic, being no real threat aside from the Pied Piper virus. Its implied Minei is his sister.