Veratos "Vera"


Vol. 1 Ch. 1 (Manga)
Ep. 1 (Anime)


420s? (was turned before Mina's birth)








Mina Tepes (Queen/Princess)
Hysterica (Turned her into a vampire)

Voiced by:

Yūko Kaida (Japanese)
Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)


October 16

Veratos (ヴェラトゥース Veratūsu?), most often referred to as Vera, is Mina's most trusted advisor. First introduced when driving Akira to the castle, where she briefly impersonated Mina in order to test Akira's abilities. In the anime this does not happen, and she instead impersonates Mina on the reality TV show in the first episode. (Though in the dub, Vera goes as herself, not as Mina's double.)

Afterwards, she is often seen assisting Mina with her office work as well as being her bodyguard. Akira has commented that she has a cute laugh. She admits to having once been a human who sought to become a vampire out of love for Mina's mother, Lucretia. She's also Hysterica's original Master, having turned her into a vampire after her family had died of the Spanish flu.

Towards the end of the first series, when Fake Mina took over the Bund, due to her extreme dedication to the royal line she found herself unable to stay true to Mina and instead became her enemy. However, later on when Mina returns she decides to listen to her heart instead of her blood and assisted Mina in her invasion of the castle by turning off its outer defenses. Afterwards when faced with her betrayal of Mina's unwavering trust, Vera cries while encasing her body in an amber-like substance, putting herself into a deep sleep as a form of repentance and seemingly an escape from her overwhelming guilt.

Vera later awakens in the third series, having senses Mina needed help when Katie took control from Mina when she turned human.


  • Its possible Vera doesn't like using her full name, given everyone uses her nickname (even Mina).